Saturday, March 12, 2011

Service Dome Style

I wave written before about the odd service - or lack thereof - in Dome (KLCC).

Bad or no service is fairly common in Malaysia and so is rude or clueless staff. Dome however is not short staffed, the place is literally packed with staff. They do however seem to take ignoring customers to a whole new level.

Last time I was there, they ignored me for 20 minutes before they told me to get lost because the table I was sitting at was reserved. This time I think they decided to tease me a bit - at least it was a new and rather unique approach.

After about 5 minutes a waiter, rushing pass my table, asked if someone had taken my order yet. I answered: "no, nobody have bothered yet", but I am not completely sure she heard my reply, because by the time I started to answer she had already walked on to clean the next table. She returned 5 minutes later and asked if I was ready to order. I replied that I had been ready all the time but nobody bothered to ask before. Once again, she didn't seem awfully interested in my reply, because she once more walked on leaving me talking to myself.

Finally after another 5 minutes or so another waiter came and asked me to repeat my order. This one managed to stay long enough for me to explain I hadn't had a chance to order and I would like a cup of coffee.

It is one thing to be ignored by waiters - which is their usual approach in Dome - but this is a completely different ballgame. Why the fuck do they ask questions if they are not the least bit interested in the reply. It's rude and it's a complete waste of everybody's time.

It's amazing that place is still alive.

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  1. ..yes I can understand your frustration..this seems to be the case with quite a few stores as well. Just recently I walked into the LG store on the 3rd floor (I think) and wanted to get some info on mobile phones I was looking at for the past 5 minutes or so. The music was so loud I thought I was in a disco..the guy was busy playing with the TV sets. The guy at the cashiers desk was busy playing with his i-phone or something else..(it was small....) and totally ignored me...generally I am a nice guy but this total ignorance and lack of customer service gets my blood boiling rather I just loudly shouted into the shop...does anyone work here or are you all here just for decoration?... that finally got the guys attention, but by then I knew I was never gonna spend a f....g dime there anyway...amazing customer service!